Monday, April 29, 2013

Current Stock Market Extends Higher,Mostly by Best Dividend Paying Stocks

The theory that none could imagine to support the fact. Mostly the best dividend paying stocks have jumped incredibly high, and now the composite index has reached to all-time high at 1711.29 points on Friday, 26th April 2013,before the closing time done. But the penny shares show the other way round.  You can check the trend of the stocks for a couple of months recorded on Bursa Saham Kuala Lumpur at You can survey the graph below and make your judgement.

Composite Index- 1-year retracement

Normally the big players leave the stocks at high and come back later to grab the stocks at a lower prices. My advice is to be careful at this critical point. I think it's better to follow the big players to make it safe. Wait for a lucky day to come...since there will be a day the stocks will tumble. Rumours have already circulated around the web, mentioning the negative news of the Gold price. The Gold has hit the bear territory last week, and normally the equity market also joining the same fate as it happens to the Gold.That was the history of the stock market.

Today, let's watch out specifically on this stock,
                                                              One Year Retracement Chart

Assumption: Either it may jump further or decline. Within these few days the volume occupied was tremendous compared previously. I think  this stock will show a very clear pattern after the election day. Let us monitor!

The Price Movement as from 1st April 2013
Its Earning Per Share(EPS) was recorded 8.31( as on Feb 2013). It's good for investors to make a choice.  Reference(

Look at the Major Shareholders
The right time is to wait after election day. Next week!.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Get Focus On This Penny Stock Perisai (0047),Klse

Dow Jones has already touched the psychological barrier of 13,000 points, but not strong enough to leap even further. We hope that the trend is always calm and steady, and the stocks manage to proceed into a normal mode, according to what was happening before the tragedy of World Trade Center some years ago.
The Asian stocks also managed to follow that scenario, and we hope this positive track could be sustained for a couple of months ahead, before man made correction is done.
For small investors, who are mostly depending on stocks to invest, they want to find a way how to use the money so that they could get some profit while ahead. But the resistance of 13,000 is still haunting their mind. So I think the best way is to ask these key players what they are going to do next. They have a lot of money to monopolize the market. They are the determinant of the uptrend and the downtrend so far. So are we going to stay on the sideline?  Or jump into any stocks that may show some sign of positive outlook.
At a glance I could trace a few stocks that shown some sign of bullish retracement. This is only an idea. Sometimes it contradicts to what we have strongly approved before.
Alright, let us start with our discussion today. The stock to stay tune is Perisai. With EPS of 1.49 , it is a good assumption to make a little study on this stock and make a right decision later. The graph shown below was the performance of the stock within 3 months till yesterday.
The nearest resistance is somewhere around 0.98sen and 0.99sen.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DRB-Hicom Bhd, a Potential Stock Tends to go Higher!

Over the last few weeks we saw Proton share was given the opportunity to climb higher and higher until the price was seen dormant at RM 5.40 price. It was said  that the share will be bought by DRB-Hicom Berhad Conglomerate at the pricing deal of RM5.50, for a total cost of 3 billion ringgit. The deal was announced on January the 16th. On the announcement date, the Proton's share and the DRB-Hicom share  were suspended. After the opening hour, the next day the price of Proton has arisen up to RM5.47, before it was closed at RM5.41 on that same day.. Since then, the price of Proton never rose, only fluctuated within a very close range.
While within that same  period the share of DRB-Hicom only showed a little sign of positive momentum. However, a few days later, the DRB share began to show sign of increment..  On January the 17th, the share was closed at  RM 2.10, and on January the 31st, the share price has touched up to RM2.87. What a great debut!

        Daily Closing Price for Proton and Drb-Hicom as date stated

The sign of buying opportunity was traced on the 20th January. Look at the chart to see the outlook

On the 31st January the stock price still increasing and closed at RM2.83. Don't be greedy, and watch out when the big selling out  is seen.
Stay tune.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Big Players On The Sidelines-Waiting For The New Leads!

Previously,the Dow Jones, The Nasdaq  and the all the World Index were seen tremendously dropped not really because of the economic's uncertainty as a whole, but due to the unidentified rumours created by certain groups of individuals within the market itself! It was unbelievable to agree at this level to find that the stocks went down so steep without warning.
I stayed out for a while since my views always contradict to what the real stocks behaved,especially at this current situation. I don't know when this type of fluctuation would last, but  I hope this short coming will ignite some clue to detect some few stocks that encourage certain quarters to hunt for the profit.
What I could say that the way the stocks moved, looked as if someone has some controlled on the movement of the stocks.The stocks followed according to what they need! To make sure try and monitor the trends, especially the high volumes occupied stocks(klse stock exchange), such as Mieco, Siggas,Tmclife,Maxis, Cimb and many others, that no need for me to mention all of them. I feel that the small investors are very afraid to go in,especially those contra players. They go in, and get out in the afternoon, by a daily basis trading, if they thought that there is no hope of getting profit, or thinking that the stocks might sink any further.

I would like to share the newly uptrend's stock, Tejari's latest info, released by the Bursa Saham Kuala Lumpur. On the 17th Ogos 2010, Tejari was granted a Multimedia Super Corridor status through its subsidiary ICT Utopia Sdn Bhd. I hope you have time to watch out this stock at your local bourse, since its probability to move upward is great!

The DJIA Should Penetrate The Resistance of 10,200 Level Before Proceed To The Next Level Of 10,500

Now , we could see the stock exchange index advancing without any sign of gestures from the qualified great leaders. The bad rumours still circulating the globe, but with a very light reminder. After a few days of heavy selling,  the stock then remained silence, why? The possible reason is the contrarians were remained afraid to join the crowd.
Look at the 5- day daily movement of DJIA from July the 1st to July the 8th. Get focus on the  7th  and on the 8th ,before joining the crowd. But if there are good news given especially by the pure and the releven sources, then it's time to take the advantage.
We study the DJIA because this is the number one to refer. With my experience in the stock's investment, when  the Dow condemned, all the world's stocks also experienced the worst. Please make note on that, though there are some few stocks that remained stubborn to follow the current direction, due to certain circumstances.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Global Stock Market Starts To Make Profit... For How Long!

The European Markets were seen gaining momentum,started as early as the 9th Jun 2010, after having experiencing for the sharp losses since late April 2010. So lots of bad news overwhelming the globe, so stocks continued to advance in a negative territory, for nearly 2 month. That is not too bad for the stock's loss,when compared to the great collapse of the World Trade Centre many years ago. I hope that everybody knows the reasons behind the situation. The reasonable doubts that cannot be answered.
My simple technical analysis, would say that, go for the profits, where there is a time for you to sell, and again, go for the profits, where is a time for you to buy. The problem is, how to trace these two critical episodes, so that we don't suffer much losses from stocks investment. Alright, let us look at this stock chart, that is our klse Composite Index. The Round Labels show where the big investors leave the market, and the Square Labels mark the time they come again to buy the stocks. Now, these few days they are getting profits!  Are you sure they are leaving? Next week, the historical episodes will remind everybody! The idea is not to stop your on doing business, but to check the reality of stock investing. Be always alert.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Positive Reports On U.S Jobs Market & China Export Trade Surges The Dow

At 10.32 p.m, (the Malaysian time zone), we see that the Dow Jones has passed above 10,000 level. Infact the Dow Jones index has jumped more than 200 points after 1 hr trading. AP reports about the U.S jobs  data and the improvement in the China Trade, has influenced the investors to join the market. How and where the AP got the news was not very clear. We hope tomorrow there will be no news that makes the investors to run away like hell! Normally at this choppy markets, when the players have already have profits, they try to create all sorts of stories that dips the market.,so that they could come again on dip!
Anyhow, we hope that, the practice won't influence much on our klse sharemarket. Accordingly, looking at the charts, the stock exchange market is likely to maintain and build a support at 9800 level for the Dow Jones (DJIA), before starting to move  some more...coming ahead! Or if not so, at least give some profits within this immediate term trading sessions.

Dow Jones immediate support level is around 9800 and the resistance is somewhere around 10200

Klse Composite Index, support level is around 1280, while the resistance is at (1295-1300).
See whether tomorrow is the right time to go in! How is your opinion? I hope you could give some
comments for us to discuss .